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Alyssa Dineen

Alyssa Dineen has been an editor, stylist, and art director in New York City for over twenty years. She created the first-ever profile styling service for online daters, Style My Profile, from her personal experience with online dating and professional expertise in the fashion industry.

As a working mom of two small children, she re-entered the dating world after her divorce at age forty-one. She found the online dating scene challenging, a world ruled by apps catered toward millennials, where people swiped through potential hookups faster than they could read a menu.

After living through the agonizing process, Alyssa ultimately met her partner on Tinder. Now she’s helping other online daters transform their destinies by taking charge of their online dating profiles.

An acclaimed dating expert, Alyssa has appeared in the New York Times and Goop, as well as on Today.