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Eliza Waters

Eliza Waters has been writing for Darcy since 2016. She took a winding path to Darcy Luoma Coaching & Consulting, where she’s thrilled to turn her love of writing into a paying job. For years she spent more time on the back end, working in research administration and nonprofit operations.

Eliza has been trained in various facilitation techniques and works to understand the different ways people process information, learn, and communicate. Writing is all about connection, and Eliza strives to connect with readers in everything she writes.

Eliza has a bachelor of science in public policy from Duke University and a master’s of science in agricultural and applied economics. When she’s not working, Eliza loves hanging out with her two kids, walking and exploring, and spending time with her friends. As an enthusiastic traveler, you’ll often find her either planning or daydreaming about her next trip, the longer and farther the better.

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