Explore ways to gift an audiobook or audiobook membership to friends, loved ones, or even yourself this holiday season!

How to Gift an Audiobook

Giving the gift of audiobooks takes the stress out of delayed deliveries, shipping, wrapping, and is a great addition to any stocking or print book already being gifted!

Audible, Libro.fm, and Apple Books all provide options to give a singular audiobook gift this holiday season. The easiest way to send a specific audiobook on all of these platforms is to go to the selected title's page and select the option "Send/Give as Gift".

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Ways to Gift an Audiobook Membership

Give your friends and loved ones the gift of many audiobooks of their choice! Audible, Libro.fm, and Audiobooks.com offer options of giving audiobook memberships or credit bundles that make it easy for both you and the one your giving the gift to.

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