I Hate Job Interviews

Stop Stressing. Start Performing. Get the Job You Want.

by Sam Owens

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Book Summary

Go into your next job interview with confidence, ready to knock any question they throw at you out of the park!

About the Book

"For anyone wanting to elevate their interview skills, this superb book does the job!” —STEPHEN M. R. COVEY, New York Times bestselling author of The Speed of Trust

Go into your next job interview with confidence, ready to knock any question they throw at you out of the park!

The key to landing that dream job or big promotion often comes down to how you perform in the job interview. After bombing some interviews early in his career, Sam Owens vowed that would never happen to him again and began work on a system to ensure he was ready for even the most oddball questions in future interviews. The system he developed proved so successful, Sam built a career coaching business around teaching it to others and has now coached thousands of people on how to prepare for interviews.

In I Hate Job Interviews, Sam shares his proven methodology and provides simple frameworks and demonstrations on how to answer any type of job interview question. Using this proven system, job candidates will gain confidence in answering introductory, behavioral, hypothetical, opinion, personal, think-on-your-feet, salary, and self-awareness questions. You will learn:

  • How to craft “power" examples to show how your skills align perfectly with the job you are applying for.
  • To conduct practice interviews so you are ready when the big day arrives.
  • To make a big first impression with that first question.
  • To tell compelling stories that clearly demonstrate your abilities.
  • Simple strategies and frameworks to nail hypothetical and scenario questions.
  • Salary negotiation skills to maximize your job offer.


'For anyone wanting to elevate their interview skills, this superb book does the job! Filled with powerful advice along with essential 'how-to's,' Sam Owens delivers both wonderful insight and practical application. He generously shares his wisdom (and his mistakes) openly with the reader in an easy-to-follow format as he provides an illuminating path to follow.'

'Preparation breeds confidence. Sam's book will give you the right tools and tricks to prepare for your high-stakes interview so that you will feel like you are putting your best foot forward.'

'Sam Owen's I Hate Job Interviews is a game-changer for anyone grappling with the nerve-wracking world of job interviewing. Sam delivers brutally honest advice doused with humor, making it an engaging and inspiring read. What sets this book apart is the incorporation of transformative personal experiences, both from the author and job seekers mentored by Sam, to illustrate practical and proven frameworks for excelling in the job interview process. If you're ready to shift from anxiety to confidence and secure the job you want, this book is your indispensable guide.'

'The best candidate doesn't get the job--the best interviewer does. Sam breaks down every element you need to think about to improve your interviewing skills so you can land the job. I've been a recruiter for a decade and have seen first-hand how not being prepared for an interview can cost you opportunities. This book will help anyone who is looking to grow their interview skills and land jobs they want.'

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