Turn to the Sun

Your Guide to Release Stress and Cultivate Better Health Through Nature

by Brittany Gowan, Brittany Gowan

On Sale: 2024-02-06

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Book Summary

In Turn to the Sun, wellness coach Brittany Gowan guides you down a nourishing path of intentional affirmations, soul-refreshing meditations, and lush botanical photography that helps you release stress and elevate your well-being in the company of nature.

About the Book

Read by the author.

Turn to the Sun guides you down a nourishing path of uplifting affirmations and soul-refreshing meditations that helps you heal in the company of nature. Approach your days with less anxiety, renewed vigor, and a deeper sense of well-being as you become grounded and soak up nature's restorative qualities.

Whether you live in an urban jungle, on a suburban cul-de-sac, or at the edge of a national forest, you might find yourself more connected to technology than to nature. In the midst of the pings and rings of a device-dependent life, is getting close to nature even possible—or worth it?

Wellness coach and the founder of Pause with Plants Brittany Gowan shows you how slowing down, unplugging, and connecting with the natural world is not only possible and absolutely worth it, but also essential. Brittany creates a reflective experience enhanced by plants that helps you find the calm and tranquility you crave.

In this book, you'll find ways to:

  • Cultivate mindfulness as you let go of daily distractions
  • Let nature guide you into relishing the present moment
  • Use a nature-focused mindset to persist through challenges
  • Connect and ground yourself with nature anywhere, anytime
  • Nourish your relationship with yourself and the world around you


Turn to the Sun includes:

  • Affirmations: simple statements that have a positive effect on your thoughts and actions
  • Meditations: guidance for reflection and contemplation to center your mind and body
  • How-tos: doable exercises to fully engage with the natural world


When in your life have you felt most alive? You can feel that way again. You can flourish, with purpose, whether you are in a waiting season or ready to blossom. It's time to pause. It's time to breathe. It's time to grow.

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  • ISBN: 9781400243730
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  • Imprint: Harper Celebrate
  • On Sale: 2024-02-06
  • List Price: $18.99
  • Publisher: Harper Celebrate
  • Publication Date: 2024-02-06
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