The Step-by-Step Guide to Making a Sustainable Living from Your Creativity

by Miriam Schulman

On Sale: 2023-01-31

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Book Summary

Art-preneur is a creative call-to-arms for the aspiring professional artist, with an unapologetically feminist tone. Miriam Schulman challenges readers to become bosses of their own art and to take charge of their destiny.

About the Book

A step-by-step guide for creatives to transform your passion into a profitable business.

Whether you’re a musician, photographer, painter, writer, dancer, singer, or any other creative with aspirations of making a living from your art, this is the perfect time to turn your creative ideas into a sustainable business. With gatekeepers no longer controlling the market, anyone with a laptop and a dream can make a thriving living from their creativity.

This is the definitive sales and marketing playbook for anyone looking to make a living from their art. Each page provides the inspiration and practical steps you need to build a personal brand, overcome starving-artist syndrome, and finally make consistent sales from your art. By combining left-brain traditional marketing methods with the tools you‘ll build a confident mindset, take charge of your destiny, and create a clear path for success.

Miriam Schulman, host of the "Inspiration Place" podcast, breaks down the five core elements in the “Passion to Profit” planning framework to help you develop your art business—so that you can have the time and freedom to do what you love:

  • PROSPECTING: Build an audience of followers who want what you've got and are prepared to pay top dollar.
  • PRODUCTION: Draw attention to your creations by embracing your authenticity.
  • PRODUCTIVITY: Create work-life balance by managing your priorities and setting manageable goals.
  • PROMOTION: Attract collectors in an authentic and non-salesy way.
  • PRICING: Price your art, products, or services based on cutting edge research that explains buyer psychology.

After twenty years of selling art as well as coaching other artists, Miriam knows that now is the time to leave the rat race and pursue your highest dreams. Don’t wait for a sign from the universe to gamble on yourself.


'Artpreneur is the artist handbook I wish I had when I started out.'

'Artpreneur is the ultimate guide to building a lucrative career as an artist!'

'Artpreneur will give you everything you need to make your art career profitable, successful, and personally rewarding.'

'All creative people can use Artpreneur to put their work into the world, get it seen, and get paid for it without any of the guilt.'

'Artists need to know: Artpreneur is money in the bank.'

'As someone whose mission is helping people get paid to be themselves, I couldn't be more in love with the message of this book! It's going to help so many artists create an income worthy of their talents.'

'Attention all artists, writers, and musicians! This is one of the most actionable books that will turn your creative side hustle into a legit business. You need this!'

'Finally, there is a creative call-to-arms for the aspiring professional artist! This book shows that talent and money can coexist.'

'If you're hesitant to make the leap to the artist's life, be forewarned. Schulman will convince you that you can't afford to wait any longer.'

'If you're ready to take charge of your art life, this is the book for you!'

'Miriam dives into extremely practical topics and demonstrates how to grow an art business that can thrive and be fulfilling, both artistically and financially.'

'Miriam gives the proverbial marketing color swatch so that we can have more well-fed and happy artists!'

'Miriam Schulman gives you a trustworthy roadmap to running your creative empire!'

'Miriam will show you how to turn your passion into a viable, successful career you can pursue with confidence. She knows how--she's done it!'

'Most artists grow up being told 'you can't make money doing that.' Artpreneur challenges that belief and fuels artists' ability to earn a real living.'

'Simple, actionable, and inspiring--and it leads creatives straight to the bank.'

'The ultimate blueprint for creatives to get seen, heard, and PAID well.'

'This is the book artists need to debunk all the myths keeping them stuck. If you're looking for success in your career, Miriam has written an excellent blueprint to follow.'

'Whether you're struggling to make consistent sales or dreaming of turning your art into a full-time living, Artpreneur provides the inspiration and practical steps you need.'

'With warmth and chutzpah, Miriam teaches artists how to market and (gasp!) sell.'

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