The Story Edge

How Leaders Harness the Power of Stories to Win in Business

by Kindra Hall

On Sale: 2024-05-07

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Book Summary

Calm down. Business is changing but people are not. Bestselling author Kindra Hall helps leaders to better communicate with and inspire their teams and organizations.

About the Book

A holistic approach to innovation, connection, and problem-solving that has no expiration date.

Our stories allow us to explore our greatest desires and fears, connect with others on a deeper level, and gain a sense of clarity and purpose. In an era of chaotic change and high-pressure decision-making, Kindra Hall—author of Stories That Stick—has a message that runs counter to much of the business acumen of the day: Now more than ever, good storytelling is a critical part of successful leadership.

From corporate initiatives and marketing strategies to scientific research and innovation, stories are the key ingredient to engaging audiences, building consensus, and inspiring action. The Story Edge will show you:

  • Why storytelling is an essential part of being human.
  • How to find and leverage the story in every situation.
  • How to use story as a tool for positive social impact.
  • How to craft your story in order to leave a lasting legacy.


Hall masterfully interweaves storytelling theory with practical business scenarios, creating an engaging guide for present and future leaders. You'll learn how to embrace the art of storytelling and how to consider all angles of the story in every situation.

If there's one thing that will remain true—despite all the transformations we experience in business, culture, and innovation—it's the importance of story. Why? Because story is the original algorithm, the true universal language. And it's one of the most important tools we, as humans, have.


'The Story Edge is like your personal leadership coach. Whether you're leading yourself, your team, or connecting with customers, the combination of storytelling theories with real-world business scenarios is not just interesting--it's downright transformative. This book isn't just about understanding the power of story, it's about using it to create real success and a lasting legacy.'

'It's one thing to capture attention, but it's an entirely different power to hold it, and move it to action. In The Story Edge, Kindra does a masterful job showing readers how to do all three. (Chapters 7 and amp; 8 are packed with value.)'

'This is it. The must-read book for leaders who want to succeed in a world that is changing at an impossible pace. The Story Edge is your guide to inspiring your team to reach new heights--all through the power of storytelling.'

'This is the story: There's you at whatever point you are in your career, business or life. You have goals--you want a fulfilling life where you unlock potential and lead a team with authenticity and vision--but they feel a little out of reach. Then, you read this book. Suddenly, success doesn't just seem possible, it seems easy... You apply the storytelling principles Kindra teaches in The Story Edge and you achieve your goals. The end. If this is the story you're looking for, this is the book you need. The pivot in life starts now, thanks to Kindra Hall.'

'Whether it's pitching in the Shark Tank or creating a global cupcake brand, I've always believed storytelling is the essential ingredient to success. The problem? Not many people know howto use stories and even fewer know how to teach story skills... except Kindra Hall. The Story Edge is the groundbreaking guide for leaders to finally master this necessary skill and use it to achieve their own sweet success.'

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  • Imprint: HarperCollins Leadership
  • On Sale: 2024-05-07
  • Pages: 256
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  • Publisher: HarperCollins Leadership
  • Publication Date: 2024-05-07
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