Your Hidden Superpower

The Kindness That Makes You Unbeatable at Work and Connects You with Anyone

by Adrienne Bankert, Adrienne Bankert, Bill Krause

On Sale: 2020-06-09

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Book Summary

Kindness isn’t merely about getting along with people and being nice. It’s a game changer in business, the door opener to fulfillment, and the key to authenticity and confidence. It’s also a superpower that can be honed through developing a daily practice of kindness as a lifestyle and is especially important in these divisive times.

About the Book

Kindness isn’t merely about getting along with people and being nice. It’s a game changer in business, the door-opener to opportunity, and the key to authenticity and confidence. Discover the true potential of kindness and harness its power.

Through years of developing her own kindness practices and studying those of others, Good Morning America correspondent and ABC News journalist Adrienne Bankert has experienced firsthand the unbeatable power of kindness and witnessed its transformative impact on others.

Adjusting our perspective from being closed off and self-centered to a mindset of kindness ripples into a staggering amount of personal fulfillment and growth.

No matter our age or ethnicity, where we come from, or how much money we make, every one of us can be kind. Every one of us can be a change agent.

In Your Hidden Superpower, Adrienne will help you:

  • See simple acts of kindness from a new and empowering perspective;
  • Learn how to make kindness a habit and experience more peace, inspiration, and impact;
  • Engage kindness at work and enjoy remarkable opportunities—plus, know how to get from “here” to “there” quickly; and 
  • Activate kindness as a force to reconnect you to your authentic self, replenish your passion and creativity, and find your voice.

Your Hidden Superpower describes how kindness is a superpower that can be honed through an intentional lifestyle of kindness and is especially important in these divisive times.


'An amazing book written by truly one of the nicest people I have ever known. Adrienne does not just write about Your Hidden Superpower, she lives it every single day. If you have ever met Adrienne Bankert, you know exactly what I mean. She lights up the room when she walks in and exudes positivity. This book is exactly what America needs at this exact moment and should be required reading for everyone.' -Jerry Reynolds, Host of the Nationally Syndicated The Car Pro Show

'Adrienne is a true force of nature; her kindness and glass-half-full perspective are truly inspirational. Whether she is interviewing you or you're just getting a cup of coffee with her, Adrienne's exceptional skill in connecting with people is awe-inspiring. I am very excited that with this book she now shares her superpowers with us all!' --'Shaq' Shaquille O'Neal, Business Mogul, Basketball Hall of Famer, TNT Analyst, Inside the NBA

'At a moment when the winner-take-all dynamics of our increasingly superstar-driven economy and society make hyper-competitiveness and self-interest the order of the day, Adrienne Bankert's Your Hidden Superpower is a revelation. This deeply honest and well-written book delves into the author's incredibly rich and culturally diverse stock of corporate and personal experiences to emphatically position kindness not as a weakness, but rather as the force multiplier and blueprint for empathy our organizations, our communities, and our souls so desperately need.' -Christopher H. Smith, Co-Director, Media, Economics and amp; Entrepreneurship, Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, University of Southern California

'Newsrooms are full of Type A personalities--almost a necessity of the jobs they perform daily. Adrienne, like everyone else in a newsroom, has encountered aggressive behavior from her teammates or managers along the way. Never once over the years, since I met Adrienne before her very first job in Sacramento, has she talked negatively about one person, even when I knew she had reason to dislike their treatment of her personally. Adrienne's faith and care of others is ever-present. She has a lot of patience is an industry where many have a short fuse. Kindness has carried her a long way in a business that isn't always kind. ' -Sandra Connell, President of Media Recruitment and Coaching Firm, Talent Dynamics

'The energy Adrienne brings whenever she shows up in studio and on camera just connects. What she shares in the book is proof positive that you can make the day better for people in your life, and for those you work with--and THAT is powerful.' --Michael Strahan, Good Morning America Co-Anchor and Fox NFL Analyst

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