The Monsoon Diaries

A Doctor’s Journey of Hope and Healing from the ER Frontlines to the Far Reaches of the World

by Calvin D. Sun, Lisa Ling

On Sale: 2022-09-27

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Book Summary

In this story of family, travel, grief, and endurance, Dr. Calvin Sun encourages readers to say yes to the adventures awaiting them, with a story that proves there’s always hope on the other side of the storm.

About the Book

"There are heroes among us, and Dr. Calvin Sun is one of them. Read this book." -Lisa Ling, journalist

The Monsoon Diaries is the firsthand account of Dr. Calvin Sun, an emergency room doctor who worked tirelessly on the front lines in multiple hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Drawing upon the lessons he learned from his adventures traveling to more than 190 countries in ten years, as well as from the grief he experienced as a teen when his father died, Dr. Sun shares his journey, from growing up as a young Asian American in New York to his calling first to medical school and then to the open road.

He believes that the fight for a better world creates meaning when all feels meaningless, and he hopes that telling his story will help readers reframe this tragic moment in our lifetimes into possibility, with the goal of building a more empathetic society.


'From the very beginning of the pandemic, Dr. Calvin Sun was my go-to expert on everything covid for my MSNBC show. He brought honest, raw, analysis of the situation not only in NYC but around the world. I was fascinated to read in Monsoon Diaries about the behind-the-scenes situation, and also learn about his only personal struggles.'

'When Dr. Calvin Sun asked me to write the forward for his book, I agreed never having read a single page. He had become such an important resource for me and so many others during the early days of the pandemic-arguably the most unpredictable time in our lives. I couldn't say no. I had no idea at the time of what kind of writer he was. When I finally got my hands on the manuscript, I was totally blown away. Calvin is a phenomenal writer who gave me Jack Kerouac vibes. This book is not about Covid. It's about a young man's journey into the unknown and how it prepared him to face down the most unimaginable of challenges. In doing so, Dr. Sun found himself and ultimately, his voice. I could not recommend this book more highly. I am sure that, you too, will be blown away.'

'A deeply personal insightful account of Dr Calvin Sun's life in a warzone, NYC the epicenter of the COVID 19 global pandemic. Heartbreaking tales of survival, lack of PPE, his brilliance at improvisation, interspersed with reflections on his global travels bringing a sense of levity to the situation. Family loss and grief changing him forever. A must read.'

'In The Monsoon Diaries, Dr. Calvin D. Sun, an emergency physician and experienced globetrotter, invites us to be his companions on a journey into the heart of the covid pandemic. As the coronavirus spreads through New York City in early 2020, Sun documents it all: the confusion and exhaustion among patients and clinicians, as well as the tenacity and community that buoys the ER. A gripping, honest portrayal of those who faced the pandemic head-on during its most harrowing stage.'

'The Monsoon Diaries tells the story of the nation's pandemic like nothing else can. Dr. Calvin Sun had a front row seat to almost every emergency room in New York City. He highlights the suffering, victories, and enormous fear frontline workers went through. It is an incredibly fast read and eye-opening account of what the unknown looks like. Dr. Sun embarks on a personal journey questioning himself while also looking to find meaning even as the pandemic loosens its grip. If you are restless at all, you will connect with the author on another level. The Monsoon Diaries will inspire you to take the first step in your own life of whatever brings you meaning. Its all about showing up.'

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  • Imprint: Harper Horizon
  • On Sale: 2022-09-27
  • Pages: 224
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  • Publisher: Harper Horizon
  • Publication Date: 2022-09-27
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