My Own Magic

A Reappearing Act

by Anna Kloots, Anna Kloots

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Book Summary

Despite a glamorous lifestyle full of globetrotting adventures, travel expert and entrepreneur Anna Kloots felt lost and directionless. Now, for every woman searching for her voice, Anna shares her story of finding and believing in her own magic.

About the Book

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For every woman searching for her voice, Anna Kloots shares her story of starting over by trusting the magic that was always within...

Despite what appeared to be a glamorous existence full of globetrotting adventures, behind the scenes, Anna felt invisible in her own life. Consumed by a marriage that left no space for her own desires and creativity, she chose to reframe the failure of her marriage as an opportunity to begin again.

It was Anna's innate sense of adventure and love for the unknown that led her to move abroad; travel around the world, visiting 80 countries; start her own business; and marry a magician—all before her mid-twenties. From the outside, her jet-setting lifestyle alongside her husband looked perfect. But though she appeared to have all the freedom in the world, in reality she was trapped in a slow-motion disappearing act.

When her marriage collapsed, she decided to use her unhappy ending as a chance for a new beginning—a reappearance into her own life and sense of exploration and discovery, letting each destination challenge, change, and shape her.

Following Anna's extensive travels from the bustling streets of Jaipur to the canals of Venice to the desert of Dubai, My Own Magic is a powerful memoir—a true, coming-of-age story about a woman rediscovering the magic that she always had.

Anna's memoir is proof that travel can transform you, inspire you, and even save you. Perfect for fans of Eat Pray Love.


'Captivating and powerful. Anna's story will touch your heart and inspire you to embrace self-love and adventure and go after the life you've always dreamed of living.'

'I stayed up well into morning sailing through this book and I miss Anna and her enchanted indomitable spirit already. It isn't often I find a book that prompts me to smile and hope again. Hope for love, hope for staying true to that which nurtures, and a deep wish for falling under the spell of wherever I find myself. Anna Kloots writes so effortlessly and thoughtfully about plans derailed, the bliss of travel and the revelation of metamorphosis, I fell asleep wishing I was a part of her energetic and beautiful family. It's a grand place to be, so open this book and read on.'

'This book is a ride and journey we all need to be reminded what is possible. That listening to our inner voice, dreaming big, loving with all we have, and investing in ourselves like we would for others is our magic.'

'To expose one's soul, trials, and journey on paper is a feat that Anna does with the adventurous grace, charismatic nuance, and relatable vulnerability in each paragraph. An easy page-turner that made me miss Paris and reinstated excitement for new chapters of life.'

'My Own Magic is an honest and illuminating, coming of age story about heartache and hope, resilience and reinvention that will inspire all who read it to live life fully and believe in themselves.'

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  • On Sale: 2023-05-16
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