The Kindred Life

Stories and Recipes to Cultivate a Life of Organic Connection

by Christine Marie Bailey, Christine Bailey

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The Kindred Life is your invitation to cultivate a life of simple beauty, delicious nourishment, and rich community that will sustain your soul--right where you are.

About the Book

Read by the author.

Even though technology makes us more "connected" than ever, we still hunger for authentic relationships--with the natural world, our creator, and one another. But how do we find them, especially when we’ve lost touch with many of the foundational rhythms that draw us together?

The Kindred Life is a rallying cry for real connection in a time when we need to re­capture what's been lost. In this collection of stories, photos, and recipes from her home on Kindred Farm in Santa Fe, Tennessee, sustainable farmer Christine Bailey shares both the beautiful and gritty moments as she grew from a hopeful urban gardener to co-owner of a farm full of produce, bees, chickens, and flowers that provides meaningful experiences for friends, family, and hundreds of guests each year.

Kindred means "tribe" or "family," and at the center of The Kindred Life is an invita­tion to pursue the experiences that unite us, like spending time in the dirt, slowing down, and joining in a simple meal under the stars. We were all created with the ability to carve out a life of connection, and it's worth every bit of sweat it takes to get there. We can slow down. We can step forward in bravery to do hard things well. And we can be intentional about gathering with and investing in others.

Discover the beauty of community, the magic of coming together around the table, and the lessons the land can teach you as you unearth your very own Kindred Life--right where you are.

Recipes and reflection questions are included in the audiobook companion PDF download.


'The Kindred Life offers a nourishing reminder for us to stay connected through the simple (but often complex) nature of relationship with ourselves, and others. Christine dares us to reach our hands into the soil of authenticity, and beckons us through her personal stories and recipes to gather in community, around the table. After the long period of disconnect we've all faced, this book is timely, refreshing, and one to return to time and time again. The Kindred Life will have you singing, cooking, possibly weeping, and certainly sipping her signature latte whilst sinking deep into Christine's inspiring work and words.'

'The Kindred Life is an invitation to experience more; more laughter, more meaning, more risk and more life. Christine has a rare ability to write in a way that makes you feel that you are sitting with an old friend around the table with a cup of coffee or a matcha green tea latte with steamed coconut milk and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Her own journey along with her gritty and beautiful experiences on the farm will leave readers with the gentle and inspiring nudge to dig in and reach out for more. Whether you are a gardener, a cook, or someone just trying to figure out how to squeeze more out of your life, The Kindred Life will unlock the potential that's inside of each one of us and give you the courage to move towards your dreams.'

'Christine Marie Bailey is brave, and the kindred stories she shares are beautiful. She is like a kind companion, holding your hand and gently inviting you into a life of courageous community and connection--a life of depth, simplicity, and wonder. This book will awaken the dream in your heart to center your life around reclaiming the earth, time, your deepest desires, and all that really matters.'

'In The Kindred Life, mother, farmer, and author Christine Bailey shares poignant stories from her life that inspire me to build community and love my home. Her tales of meeting her husband, traveling to India, and starting their farm drew me in and sparked a desire in me to evaluate aspects of my own life and further align them with my values of simplicity, generosity, and hospitality. Readers will love the stories and find themselves drawn towards a more purposeful life as they turn the pages of Christine's beautiful book.'

'The Kindred Life is an authentic and inspirational read. In a world that too often values productivity and efficiency over peace and connection, this book will encourage you to live a life that prioritizes courage, nourishment, belonging, listening and hospitality. These stories, recipes and invitations will stir your spirit and compel you to a more emotionally healthy way of life, where the harvest is rich relationship and days full of meaning.'

'Christine Bailey is a ray of sunshine, a wise sage, and an heirloom friend to all who meet her. She is the full embodiment of peace and joy, love and kinship, fun and grit, hospitality and grace, simplicity and kindness-- and she has put all of her heart into these pages to share these essential foundations of a Kindred Life with us. Listen well to the life she lives. We would all be the better for it.'

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