Devastation Class

by Glen Zipper, Elaine Mongeon

On Sale: 2020-09-08

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Book Summary

Devastation Class by Glen Zipper and Elaine Mongeon follows an unlikely group of young cadets forced to mutiny aboard the revolutionary Devastation Class starship U.A.S. California to save themselves from an annihilation force of invading aliens.

About the Book

An annihilation force of invading aliens. Human civilization on the brink of extinction. Earth’s only hope—seven cadets and the legendary starship they were never meant to command. No matter the cost, they will stop at nothing to survive. No matter the odds, they will fight to save their future.

The distant future. Earth’s Alliance forces have emerged victorious from a brutal nine-year war with the mysterious Kastazi—a vicious, highly advanced alien race. In the dawn of a new peace, the Alliance Devastation Class starship California embarks on a mission of science and learning with a skeleton crew of seasoned officers, civilian students, and inexperienced military cadets in tow.

For JD Marshall and Viv Nixon, gifted cadets and best friends, the mission holds special meaning: It offers an opportunity to prove themselves and begin to escape the long shadows of their legendary war hero parents.

Suddenly ambushed by a second wave of invading Kastazi forces, JD and Viv make the impossible decision to spearhead a mutiny to save the California and everyone on it. In command and quickly out of options, they are forced to activate the ship's prototype Blink Reactor—an experimental technology they expect to send them to the safe, distant reaches of space. When their escape transports them to a reality they don’t recognize and reveals unimaginably terrifying secrets, they must fight their way home to save not just everyone they love but also humanity itself. Standing in their way are an insurmountable enemy, saboteurs from within, a mystery eons in the making, and the fabric of time and space itself.


'Zipper and Mongeon seamlessly weave the thrills and starry-eyed imagination of Star Trek with the introspective heart and humor of a John Hughes film--it's a total blast.' --Seth Grahame-Smith, the New York Times bestselling author of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

'Devastation Class is a rare gem of a space story, packed with twists, hair-raising action, and delicious moral quandary. I instantly fell in love with its band of rebel prodigies--and had my heart broken in the all the right ways. Supremely good sci-fi.'
Jessica Khoury, author of the Corpus Trilogy and Last of Her Name

'Devastation Class looks to be a new classic YA series: gripping, pacey, and action-packed. It reminded me in the best way of the universe-building stories of Heinlein and Card. The cliffhangers matter in this one, so looking forward to the next!'
Alex Winter, director (Panama Papers, Showbiz Kids, and Zappa) and actor (Bill and amp; Ted Face the Music)

'Devastation Class has everything I look for in a book--great characters, action, humor, and a lot of heart. Sci-fi fans across the spectrum are going to love it. I can't wait to see where the series goes from here.'
Gregory Jacobs, producer of Contagion and Edge of Tomorrow

'I cannot stress this enough--Devastation Class was just good fun. And right now that's worth traveling to the moon and back for.'
Laura Bradley, writer, The Daily Beast

'The themes of self-discovery and eventual disillusionment with reality are classic ones in YA novels, and they are well-placed here. Much attention is paid to keeping the adrenaline level high and the plot moving ... Recommended for teen Trekkies looking for something fast and furious.'
School Library Journal

'Zipper and Mongeon get major points for suspenseful and action-packed storytelling ... Loved this action-packed story about teens in space making difficult choices to save humanity as they know it.'
The Nerd Cantina

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  • On Sale: 2020-09-08
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  • Publication Date: 2020-09-08
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